7 Ways to Start Before Youre Ready

7 Ways to Start Before You’re Ready

There are many reasons to start before you’re ready, but how do you actually take the step? Here are some ways to change your thoughts and take action in order to create your dream life, even when you don’t feel ready.


(1) Commit to making your dream happen

What finally made me start creating before I felt ready was deciding that, no matter what, I was going to make this dream of mine happen. I got committed to it. I’m at the very beginning of my journey and I have no idea what my trajectory will be, but I do know that I’m going to create a life for myself that I love!

I used to get stopped by simple obstacles because I didn’t really believe in myself or my dream. Maybe I thought I wasn’t capable or that my dream was too big. I kept back up plans in mind, which is practical but also held me back. I moved up in a job I didn’t enjoy to have more financial security. It stressed me out and took away time I could have been spending working on my actual dream. All because I didn’t trust myself that I was capable of making it happen. And maybe it won’t happen, but I can’t accept a mediocre existence so it’s worth it to me to try!

(2) Keep your purpose in mind

When I started, I had the wrong mindset. I wasn’t driven by the idea of sharing what I have to offer with the world. I am now driven by the desire to share my perspective on topics like self-development, mental health, and authenticity that I’ve acquired through experience and education (self-taught and otherwise). And it feels amazing! It gives me purpose and makes me act upon my goals because when I’m not acting, I’m keeping what I’ve learned to myself rather than sharing it with the world.

If you’re a content creator, remember that although your knowledge may not benefit everyone, that doesn’t mean it can’t help someone. Something that has become second nature to you might be just what someone else needs to hear to make change happen for themselves. I choose to write for others who experience the fears I have and address these topics for all of us.

(3) Think small

Something I struggle with is thinking about the big picture rather than what I’m currently creating. When you look beyond your project and try to think of how it will add to your greater body of work or contribute to your unique “voice”, you will feel overwhelmed. I often will start writing a post and then get consumed with thoughts of how it will fit into a series, or a book, or an e-course and I become afraid of all the work that has to be done! It all feels like too much and I give up.

Let your purpose drive you but don’t get overwhelmed by trying to make everything happen at once. Just focus on what you’re making right now and it will all fit together eventually.

(4) Stop trying to be perceived in a certain way

It sucks to say, but I sense a desire in myself to want people to see my writing as perfect and polished from the get go. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to be perceived as intelligent and like I have my $h!t together. But that sucks! It’s not realistic nor relatable. Polished is boring, perfect isn’t real, and no one gets their $h!t together without sorting through their $h!t in the first place! I think it’s so much more valuable to see people online who show where they started, their path and how much they’ve grown. It’s great to have gurus and leaders, but even they started with bad writing, poorly edited videos, bad habits, and fear. In fact, these stories are what makes them relatable and makes us feel capable of succeeding like they have.

My writing might be imperfect but I’m doing something that scares me and that makes me proud of myself. That makes me the type of person I’d like learn from.

(5) Do the hard things

A concept I learned from Brendon Burchard is that in order to create an amazing life or career for yourself, you’re going to have to face a hard thing, every day, for… ever! I know this sounds daunting, but accepting this idea has allowed me to finally act upon my goals.
We’ve all heard the phrases “do something every day that scares you” and “change is uncomfortable” but in the back of my mind I always thought that after I got over an initial hump of hard work, that it would be a breeze. I now accept that, realistically, this is not the case.

I am relieved that I’ve been able to accept this idea. It’s not like I’m going to have to do something that makes me want to die of fear every day but there will be hard stuff that needs to get done every day when we choose unconventional paths. I used to avoid the discomfort. I’ve tried to start this journey many times over the last few years but whenever something got hard, I gave up. This was because I either didn’t expect to face such challenges or it was just too uncomfortable or difficult.
Some wise words come from Marie Forleo when she says “everything is figureoutable“. Whenever I doubt how I’m going to accomplish something hard, I answer myself by saying “I don’t know, but I’m going to figure it out”. I am much less likely to give up now because I know doing hard things is just a part of my process.

(6) Stop learning

When I first started creating a blog, I was consuming a lot of information about how I should be doing things. I was getting so wrapped up in SEO, web-hosting and perfecting the appearance of my blog that my actual posts sucked or I wasn’t posting at all. I was getting overwhelmed with all the videos, courses, and blogs about my desired field that I felt my own thoughts and ideas being drowned out. I am all about life-long learning but I think in order to produce unique work there is a point when you need to stop researching and just start creating.

(7) Stop worrying that it’s been done already

You’ve got a unique perspective and once you start creating things, it will come out. For example, I worry that the “Start Before You’re Ready” blog post has been written too many times and that I don’t have anything original to say about it. Interestingly enough, this brings me back to the point of starting before you’re ready. I don’t feel ready because I don’t think I’ve found original topics therefore I don’t write about anything! Whereas once I just chose this topic because it interested me, I started writing and I felt so many ideas flowing!

When you just start, you’ll find new takes on old ideas and your own voice really starts to come out. By simply starting, even though I was afraid and felt unready, I started solving my own problem. I am discovering what this advice really means while writing the post. And it actually works!

Here are some resources to give you more motivation to start now!

Marie Forleo’s Start Small or Sucky

Brendon Burchard’s How to Start a Dream

And if you’re truly not ready yet, soak up these words from Danielle LaPorte.

– Jess

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  1. These are all awesome! The think small part is so true. Lol, I like to stress over creating empires but don’t even have a business license.

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