6 Reasons Why You Should Start Before You're Ready

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready

If you want to create something or change your life for the better, I can bet you’ve experienced the fear of not being ready. We tend to wait for everything to be perfect, to be in the right mindset, or even for inspiration to strike. When deciding what my first post would be I feared I wasn’t ready to share my thoughts with the world and therefor, this topic seemed perfect.

Whether you want to release your creation into the world, start your own business or change a habit, you need to start now, and here’s why.


(1) You’ll never actually be ready

As I write, I think to myself “will this be the perfect first post?” and “am I really ready to release my writing?”. Well, if I listen to my first instincts, which are fear based, the answer is obviously no. The fear of failure and judgment make us feel unprepared.

You may feel like you’re not ready because you don’t have all the resources, knowledge or experience you need yet. But ask yourself, why do I feel this way? The answer is: because it’s true! You never will know all there is to know about your topic, you’ll never watch every tutorial video on how to do it, and you’ll never create something that is immune to criticism. And guess what? You also might fail. So what?! People fail and that’s how we figure out what doesn’t work for us and what we don’t enjoy doing.

You need to decide if you want to spend your time researching and preparing or actually creating and releasing your stuff into the world. If you’re waiting to feel fully prepared before you start doing what you know you’re meant to do, then you’re never going to start.

(2) It will never be perfect

This can describe your creation or your journey. I have to keep this concept in mind when editing my writing, otherwise I’d never finish a post. It’s easy to to get caught up in the process of perfecting. If every post I wrote was perfect, or as close as possible, each post would take weeks to write and edit! I’d be wasting time and not releasing content that could be benefiting others. And sadly, this is what I’ve been doing for way too long. I’ve wanted to make this blog for three years but I was so focused on releasing perfected content that I ended up releasing nothing at all! Because, hey! Nothing is perfect. Now there’s an idea.

What I do release now may not be perfect, but it’s getting my message out. Having a schedule to release it saves me time and stress. Rather than tirelessly trying to make projects perfect, accept that perfection will never come, and that’s ok. It’s actually quite a relief! The pressure has officially been lifted.

(3) You have something the world needs

If you’re creating something with the intention of sharing it, it’s almost guaranteed that your work is needed in the world. Whether you share business advice, artwork, life-coaching, or e-courses, your work will help someone. It could allow them to improve their life, learn a new skill, or simply to feel joy. That’s AMAZING!

We all have the power to improve lives if we just get started! The longer you wait the less time your work has to get in front of the people who will enjoy and benefit from it.

(4) You won’t find your unique voice/perspective/energy until you use it

Often when I’m writing I pick one of my worries, I find a way to address and overcome it, and I share what I’ve learned. When I’m sharing these things with you, I’m also giving this advice to myself. My own experiences of fear towards criticism, imperfection, and not being ready led me to write this post. So, even though I haven’t conducted research or read every blog post on the topic, what I think gives me personal authority to write about this are the feelings and experiences I have.

We’re all case studies and we can all learn from each other. Nobody’s experiences, perspective or world views are the same so just by speaking authentically your unique voice is created. You don’t need to try and curate it. If you do it will likely be (and come across) as inauthentic. Not only will you cultivate a unique energy by doing, you’ll also improve your craft! I’m sharing my perspective and improving my writing skills the more I create!

(5) Your past does not dictate your future

Just because you’ve failed in the past does not mean you’re doomed to do so forever. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for not succeeding sooner (or at all). Stop thinking that you’re not exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. Learn to love that it has all been a part of your process and give yourself permission to move forward.

(6) You feel powerful when you act upon your dreams

Instead of waiting to become strong in order to start acting upon your goals, reverse the equation. People we admire for being powerful, strong, and capable are that way because they face their fears in order to get stuff done that matters to them. To become someone you are proud of, you must start doing. When you face a fear, you feel strong. When you do something that’s hard, you feel capable. Don’t wait until you feel stronger to start. Start now and you’ll become that person you admire!

Now that you have reason to start before you’re ready, check out 7 Ways To Start Before You’re Ready for some ways to get going!

– Jess

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  1. Beautifully written! I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for sharing your stories to help others. Don’t stop doing what you love. People need you!

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